Hyrum's Heroes: A Salute to Local Veterans

We honor all veterans in Hyrum who answered the patriotic call to serve our nation. We hold in high esteem the soldiers of all branches of the military regardless of time commitment and assigned duties. Thank you for your example and service. If you have an interesting story or neat artifacts to share, please let us know.

Please visit our online scrapbook to learn more about our local veterans and and how they have contributed to our freedom! Click Here

The Hyrum City Museum specifically honors the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for the freedoms we hold dear:

World War I

Christen P. Danielsen
Reuben M. Jensen
Hyrum Olsen Jr.

World War II

William L. Bostock
J. Alan Edison
Winslow C. Gardner
Rodney Lee Gundersen
John Howard Israelsen
Lloyd G. Johnson
Lloyd N. Jorgensen
Blaine R. McBride
Lester Russell Nielsen
Preston A. Nielsen
Luther E. Miller
Leatham Jenson
Earl H. Jessop
Dale Jensen Petersen
Duane R. Petersen
Edward C. Reynolds
Garr Lynn Rose
J. Rex Rose
Sargent Grant Rice
Merlin Evans Stephens
Alan Ford Wilson
Earl H. Wilson


Jerry L. Newbrand
Randall Saunders


Michael Boyd Alleman

If you know of a veteran who is missing from this list, please inform a museum staff member so we can make the necessary changes, thank you.