Frank and Joseph Allen established the Allen Mercantile Co. in 1878. The son of Ira Allen, Joseph managed the store for many years. On December 19, 1924, in bitter cold weather, the store burned down. In 1929, it was replaced at the same location and A. A. Allen and Zachariah Israelsen managed and operated the store. After their deaths, Rachel Allen became the majority owner, and from 1930 to 1935 operated the store by herself.

In May 1909, Smith Brothers Lumber Company of Logan established a lumber yard in Hyrum. It was located at about 460 North Center on th west side of the street. Then, in 1916, Anderson Lumber built an additional lumber yard at 60 West Main.

Henry Stauffer purchased the Anderson Lumber building in the 1940s and opened his own businesses called Hyrum Drug and Hyrum Hardware. Other businesses flourished on Main Street over the years including Hyrum Builders Payless, Hyrum Garage, Lloyd (Hall)’s Barber Shop, Hyrum Feed and Seed Mill, Dewey (Nielsen)’s Café, Maud’s at Hyrum, and Rex Theater.