Back-in-Time is our in-person children’s programming.

Each month during the school year, the museum has a special activity geared toward preschool-aged children (but all children are welcome to attend). The activity runs during one week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-1:30pm. Parents may sign their child(ren) up at the first of each month for the day they want to attend. The objectives are to teach the children something about history, create something, and (of course) have a treat too!

Since our virtual activities were such a hit, we are looking at creating a virtual component to Back-in-Time again this year. Stay tuned for more information!

To view virtual Back-in-Time programs from previous years, click on the links below to the original videos!
Where’s the Beef? September Back in Time
Butter Me Up! November Back in Time
Super Stars! December Back-in-Time
Shoshone Stories January 2021 Back-in-time
Girl Power! February 2021 Back-in-Time
What’s Springing Up? March 3021 Back-in-Time
What’s in a Name? April 2021 Back-in-Time
Happy Trails May 2021 Back-in-Time